Сухпаёк Австралии

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8990.00 руб.

Очень редкий Сухпаек!

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Australian Defense Combat Ration

This is a full 24 hour ration with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, and accessories.

The main meals are (may vary)
A: Moroccan Lamb, Hearty Beef Stew
B: Beef and Onion with Gravy, Malay Lamb Curry
C: Chili Con Carne, Chicken with Wild Rice
D: Beef and Pasta, Lamb Korma
E: Sweet and Sour Chicken, Lamb and Tomato Sambal
F: Beef and Onion with Gravy, Chicken Italiano
G: Savory Mince, Chicken Korma
H: Lamb Casserole, Spaghetti Bolognese

Additional Items common to all menus:
Mi Goreng Noodles 1x55g
Instant Mashed Potato’s 1x60g
Long Life bread 1x65g
Natural Muesli with fruits and seeds 1x90g
Processed cheddar cheese 1x56g
Chocolate ration 1x50g
Candy chocolate M&Ms 1x49g
Biscuit, Cream cracker 1x35g
Biscuit jam sandwich 1x32g
Chewing gum, Mentos sugar free 2 packs
Concentrated yeast extract (Vegemite) 1x15g
Sweetened condensed milk 1x85g
Sustagen 1x60g
Tomato ketchup 1x15g
Tabasco sauce 1 x 3 ml
Instant coffee 2×3.5g
Tea bags 2×2.5g
Non-dairy creamer 1x15g
Sugar, white 4x7g
Salt 1x2g
Pepper, black 1x2g
Matches 1
Paper, toilet, 10 sheets 1
Bag, plastic 1
Spoon plastic 1
Pads, scouring, soaped 1
Rubber bands, size 32 3
Bag, plastic, self-closer 1
Opener, can, hand (FRED) 1
Menu, ingredients, information sheet 1


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